About Us

The Coalition for Marriage and Family is a group of organizations and individuals dedicated to many issues impacting families, uniting together to raise awareness of those issues and advocate for positive change.

In particular, we are committed to ensuring that the people of Massachusetts have the opportunity to vote on the definition of marriage. For current action alerts of urgent issues facing the family, click here.

Important issues we work on affecting the quality of life of families include: education, economic growth, health care, taxes, and preserving life.

On June 14, 2007 the pro-family movement lost a great battle. The Massachusetts legislature voted against allowing the people of Massachusetts to vote on the VoteOnMarriage Marriage Amendment. It was a setback that put us farther from our goal of a restoring traditional values in the Commonwealth.

But we are not defeated. We have lost a battle, but we will keep fighting to win the larger war. The hearts and minds of the people of Massachusetts are with us, and more are awakened to the state of our Commonwealth every day.

With the assistance of VoteOnMarriage.org, the Coalition for Marriage and Family has helped build dozens of Marriage and Family Chapters of grassroots activists across the state. There are thousands of citizens who contacted us to express their willingness to continue volunteering in support of traditional values. Others have expressed a desire to run for office to defeat legislators who opposed the people’s right to vote. Our grassroots army is ready and willing to enter the next stage of the fight.

As the primary pro-family organization dedicated to building and maintaining our large grassroots army for future battles, the Coalition for Marriage and Family needs your continued support for the road ahead.

Our five goals are simple . . .


We will let the citizens of Massachusetts, particularly those who attend church, know the real-life consequences of same-sex marriage, AND simple steps they can take to get involved in our battle, right in their communities.


We will continue to let our grassroots know what issues impacting the family are currently being debated on Beacon Hill, and provide easy ways for them to contact their state representatives and senators.


Our volunteers want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of how to effectively lobby their elected officials, how to run a campaign for public office, and how to organize their fellow parishioners to be more involved. We need to provide them with the expert tools and training to accomplish these goals.


We will expand our base of volunteers, so when we are ready to begin another petition to restore traditional marriage, our army of grassroots supporters is larger than ever.


We can assist candidates who favor traditional values and provide the kind of support they need to win election. We need to turn the State House around and bring people with strength of character, who cannot be bribed or threatened, into public office.

If you agree with us that a strong grassroots pro-family movement is necessary to turn our state around, please volunteer and donate.